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Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.

Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.


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"Lone Woman on the Boat"


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Good Quality Boat Shoes

Most every captain will ask you to leave your black soled shoes and boots at home when you are planning to jump aboard their charter boat. Itís true that most dark soled shoes leave marks that are extremely hard to remove. However, that isnít the main reason that you might want to look at your shoe choice when you are about to jump on a fishing boat. 


For many years Sperry has offered fishermen and boat lovers a specially designed shoe that has in the past been called deck shoes and boat shoes. These shoes were specifically designed with soles that would not mark a white boat deck and they were designed with rubber and soles patterns that would not slip on the slick wet boat deck surfaces.


If you were aware of the early boat shoe styles that were originally available, you know that they looked more like moccasin slippers than actual shoes. They were reasonably comfortable but they just werenít designed for todayís active anglers. Sperry (also the manufacturer of Saucony athletic shoes) decided that there was a major need for a boat shoe that was able to perform similarly to an athletic sneaker plus have the non-slip soles that boaters and anglers demand. They also knew that this design would have to be extra comfortable to handle a full day of pounding from the shock of the constant wave action angler have to deal with.

  Sperry makes the finest quality boat shoes.

The word spread quickly among both captains and mates about the newer Sperry boating shoes. These shoes are so comfortable that their owners will usually end up wearing them all day every day whether they are on the boat or off. Anglers and boaters soon found that these Sperry boat shoes were also built much more durable for incredible longevity. Because Sperry is the leader in boat shoes, their styles are designed with materials that will dry much faster than standard athletic shoes and they incorporate special cements that won't fail as a result of being constantly wet in daily use. 

Although they are slightly more expensive than a comparable athletic shoe, Sperry shoes compensate for the added investment with their increased quality and durability. Even folks that seldom fish or venture into a boat are finding that the non-slip feature can be a nice advantage on slick wet floors in their day to day life. If you are looking for a comfortable quality daytime shoe, you owe it to yourself to give these shoes a try.

Find boat shoes at your nearest fishing pro shop.


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Capt. Bruce Armstrong



Capt. Bruce Armstrong Jr.


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