Our Charter Rates

Sea Angel Charter Info: We charge only a total of $1250 for a full day offshore charter fishing trip. We also offer 1/2 day inshore trips at $650 on our open dates. Please understand that it is not possible to do a 1/2 day trip and go offshore. Our price is one of the best available in Hatteras for an offshore charter boat. This means that you can actually do a "make up" style charter with less guys and still cost less than the other Hatteras charters boats are charging. Note: Our quoted prices are cash but if paid by a credit card through Hatteras Landing Marina they charge an additional 5% for credit cards.

A great way to find out what our customers have been catching is to monitor Hatteras Fishing Reports page. We have also archived fishing the report pages all the way back to 2009 so that customers can check what we normally catch during certain months of the season. It will give you a good idea of when to schedule your trip.

We always attempt to call anyone that has a reservation whenever it looks like it will be canceled due to weather. In these specific cases we normally will call you two or three days ahead of your reservation date so that we can either mutually attempt to reschedule another date or we can simply plan on keeping the same reservation date with the hope that the weather prediction was wrong. If we call early with an unfavorable weather forecast, you may also just ask to cancel your deposit instead of trying to reschedule. It is a good idea if you haven't heard from us with an unfavorable weather report that you will give us an email or call a day or two ahead so that we can confirm that everything is on go. Always keep in mind that if we haven't already tried to contact you, it means that we are going to fish.

Please contact Capt. Armstrong with any questions or to schedule your own Hatteras offshore charter trip.

Image of Sargassum Weed
Sargassum Weed line floating in the Gulf Stream.
Loction of the Atlantic Sargasso Sea.
Loction of the Atlantic Sargasso Sea.

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