Hatteras Fishing Reports       2020

Cape Hatteras fishing charters can produce some very spectacular results. On these pages we post some of our various season's catches to help give our clients and potential clients an idea of what is going on and what time of year to expect it. Thank you for stopping by and browsing our fishing reports.

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Capt. Bruce on the "Bridge."





Check back often. Capt. Armstrong will post here when the fishing is hot so that you won't miss out!


Great day of fishing with Mike Greco and family. They caught all the kings they wanted then we moved a little deeper. Notable fish were 74 lb wahoo, 48 lb wahoo, 30 lb blackfin tuna.



Dale Lane and friends had a great catch of kings. Several weighed over 30 lbs.



Steve, Jessica, Michele and Levi had a great day fishing. The weather and fish both cooperated with a good catch of blackfin tuna and even a bonus wahoo. Thanks folks and come back soon.



Keith and Carl Fleming and Randy and Colton Robbins had a good catch of big blackfin tuna. Lot of good eatin' there guys!



Great day of blackfin tuna fishing with Shellie, Chuck, Taylor and Madison. The weather turned out perfect and the tuna were snapping up our baits. Thank you for choosing Sea Angel! 



Shana and friends had a beautiful day with the blackfin tuna cooperating nicely.



Ron, his children and friends all wanted to catch some amberjack. Well mission accomplished plus we also caught a nice selection of bottom fish to go along with the AJ's. Come back soon.



Great trip with Tim and his friends. We started off strong and that's also the way it ended with big amberjack, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, a citation blackfin tuna and a wahoo thrown in to boot. You guys are Good Luck, come back soon! 



We had another great trip Corey Lee and friends. The blackfin tuna are back in force.  Way to go guys. Let's do it again soon.



Daniel and his son in laws have all the fish they wanted. Come back when you run out. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed fishing with you all.



We had a fun day with Tim and his crew. They wanted to do some wreck fishing and boy where they biting. Looking forward to seeing you again.



Great day of fishing with Jesse's family. Little man caught a fish as big as him. Caught nice African pompano on a jig.



Thanks to Kevin and friends for a great fishing day of big amberjacks, beeliners, triggerfish and then finally a nice wahoo. The weather cooperated and the fish did too. Thanks guys!


8-18-2020   Dave and family enjoyed both a beautiful day and hungry fish.    


Had a great time fishing with Jay Taylor and friends. You all come back here soon. Thanks for everything.



We had a beautiful day on the water fishing with Matt and Family. Hope you like fish. Come back soon.



We had a great day of fishing with Ayrik and Michael. Enjoy the fish tacos guys. 



A great day with Georgette, Greg, Jacob, and Sydney. Three wahoo, one citation and some nice amberjack. 



Had a good day with Martin, Chris, Liz, and Collin. Caught some nice bailers, and released a barracuda.  



Eric Robbins family and friends had a pretty day with some trigger fish, a few dolphin, amberjack and a really nice wahoo.



Richard Brewer and friends had a good day with big gaffers.



Had a great day of fishing with Darrin's family and friends. Hope to see you all next year. 



Jules Cameron , son and friend with a nice catch of tuna and mahi mahi. 



We had a fun day with Jennifer Powell, family and friends. 



We enjoyed our trip with Melba Milak on the right and her niece Hannah and husband Zack. They had a good catch of dolphin but Hannah didnít feel too good.



Kelly and Donald had a big day with 400 lbs of yellowfin tuna


6-19-2020   Great trip with Vincent DeVito, David Hunt, Benno Mier. Nice catch of mahi and one yellowfin.     


Had a great day with Chris and friends, lots of big yellowfins, and some nice dolphin to round out the day.



Randy Chris and Braden had a great catch on a beautiful day!



John and Martin McClancy and friend Ray had a big day on Sea Angel!



Had a great day with Henry and family with two big yellow fins, some dolphins, and a handful of blackfins. 



Tommy Moore and family had a great day catching gaffer dolphin and big blackfin tuna.



Good trip with Jeff and Philip Price  Jeff Bacon. Looking forward to the next trip. Ps not so rough next time. 



Friends the fishing season is upon us finally. Jim Ellis and friends with a nice catch of dolphin. Looking forward to Anastasia coming soon.


    Good catch with tuna and some of the big dolphin.    



5-14-2020   Melba caught a nice yellowfin tuna.    


The crew of the Sea Angel II would like to thank everyone for a spectacular 2019 fishing season! We are looking forward to even more and larger fish in 2020. Please include a trip with us in the coming fishing season.


Season coming soon. The groundhog told us.  

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