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Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.

Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.


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Hatteras, NC is a resort area for a lot of reasons and the coastal weather that we enjoy for our charter boats is certainly one of those reasons. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean bring influenced by the Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream waters can make the weather on the Outer Banks considerably different than the weather just a few miles inland.  

Winter (Jan, Feb, Mar): Very rarely does even the strongest cold front sweeping across the south ever cause Hatteras to receive below freezing temperatures. On the other hand, abnormally warm fronts occurring inland will not be quite as warm during the winter months because our warmer air in the winter can actually be thermally cooled by the oceanís 40 degree temperatures. Hatteras charter trips during the winter months can be somewhat hit and miss with the weather taking its toll. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to match a scheduled trip date with weather conditions that will allow us to go offshore. However, if the weather will allow it, the fishing can be phenomenal and well worth the drive for a weekend shot.

Spring (Apr, May): The water warms steadily during these months and although the air temperatures usually arenít as high as they are inland they are definitely good enough for plenty of offshore fishing. Only occasionally is it necessary to cancel trips or change dates due to the weather. The fishing picks up rapidly during these months with many species available including both yellowfin tuna and blue marlin.

Summer (June, July, Aug, Sept): June usually starts out like someone had just hit a light switch going from mild to hot. Rarely is it necessary to change or cancel a trip due to weather. Some tuna will still be available and billfish usually arrive during these months in force giving trophy hunters the opportunity at the giant fish of a lifetime.  

Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec): This is a favorite time of year of just about everyone familiar with the Outer Banks. While the temperatures are steadily dropping inland, the Outer Banks enjoys the warming affects of the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Ocean with temperatures usually at least ten degrees warmer than just a few miles inland. Offshore fishing can be excellent as many species are either preparing for their winter movements or are passing through the area on their fall migrations. 

Hopefully you can see from this description that any time you can go on a boat offshore fishing here is a good time to give it a try. You can research the statistical archives of the website linked at the top of this page to get a good idea of what the average temperatures and winds have been here on a given date for several years back.  That way you can determine what you might be able to expect from the weather when you would like to plan your fishing trip to our cape.     

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Capt. Bruce Armstrong



Capt. Bruce Armstrong Jr.


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