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Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.

Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.


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"Lone Woman on the Boat"


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Hatteras Offshore Fish Species  
Hatteras is world famous for its blue marlin fishing.

Blue Marlin:  One of the truly remarkable fish in the ocean has to be the fast and wary blue marlin. This species has been caught in NC in weights exceeding 1000 pounds. Usually the blue marlin is  target species in most major East Coast tournaments and requires big baits, lures and teasers but any time you are trolling a bait off Hatteras is always the chance that you will get the bite of a lifetime.

White marlin begin showing up in the summer about the same time as the blue marlin.

White Marlin: Very similar in appearance to the blue marlin, this species rarely exceeds 100 pounds but what it lacks in size it makes up for with dogged determination, spectacular aerial displays and often plentiful numbers. The white marlin often feeds in groups and when one is found you can usually expect that there will be others in the area.

Atlantic sailfish are often caught coming in from the traditional fishing areas near the Gulf Stream.

Sailfish: Absolutely one of the most brilliant and colorful species in the ocean. North Carolina is on the extreme edge of the Sailfish’s range but often shows up during our summer months. A large Atlantic sailfish would be in the 70 pound range with most being nearer to 40 pounds. They use that beautiful sail to corral baitfish into balls and then take turns feeding.   

Wahoo strike fast and are great eating.

Wahoo:  This species has the distinction of being one of the fastest offshore predators. Coupled with the fact that they have a full set of teeth that are like small razor blades and also that they make awesome table fare the wahoo is one of the more sought after species in the Gulf Stream. One you experience one take a lure you will be yelling ”wahoo” too

Every charter client loves to get into a school of fresh tune.

Tuna: North Carolina has the distinction of having several potentially catch able species of tuna which include yellowfin, blackfin, albacore and bluefin. These sharp eyed predators fight deep like bulldogs and even though they feed in massive schools they can be extremely difficult for even the best and most experienced captains to figure out.   

Dolphin are the darlings of the ocean off Hatteras.

Dolphin: This fish is often called by other names including mahi mahi and dorado but around here we just call it a dolphin. This species thrives and even spawns off the NC coast which explains the tremendous numbers and awesome fishery they provide us. They are fast, aerial and veracious feeders that will hit just about anything that passes in front of them. An added bonus is that this species is also excellent on the dinner table.

There are several species of shark that frequent the Hatteras areas.

Sharks:  The offshore waters of North Carolina are the passing point during migrations of many species of sharks both inshore and offshore. Depending on the season, any offshore trip can be interrupted by a shark that wants your catch more then you have the ability to stop him. Although not a primary target fish in our waters, you may encounter hammerheads, browns, mako, dusky, whitetips, blacktips and several others. You may even see a massive whale shark during the mid summer season.










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Capt. Bruce Armstrong



Capt. Bruce Armstrong Jr.


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