Capt. Bruce Armstrong Sr.

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New owner/Captain Dale Layne, Capt. Bruce Armstrong Jr. and Capt. Derek "Little Feller" Wood on Sea Angel II Sport Fishing Charters make deep sea offshore and half day inshore or near shore fishing "family friendly" and affordable with their charter boat running from Hatteras Landing Marina. Smaller groups can now enjoy the same Cape Hatteras fishing excitement at the best prices on Hatteras Island. Hatteras Landing Marina has an entire fleet of internationally renowned charter captains known for having some of the most exciting offshore fishing excursions available in the world! Whether vacationing in Buxton, Avon or Frisco, our legendary sportfishing Crew, would like to invite you to share in the Hatteras sportfishing tradition on the 38' custom built Sea Angel II.

2016 - Sea Angel II was repowered with a new 500hp Cummins diesel. This new high tech engine increases our cruising speed by 5 kts. which means more fishing time and less time getting there. Sea Angel's shallower draft and high tech power now makes her one of the safest charter yachts available for maneuvering the dangerous shoals of Hatteras Inlet.

Fish Legendary Cape Hatteras - North Carolina

Come enjoy the heart pounding adrenaline rush of pure excitement that only a day fishing in North Carolina's magnificent deep sea offshore Gulf Stream waters can provide. Sit back and let your fishing guide locate and hook you up with awesome pelagic offshore species like the lightning fast and razor toothed wahoo or maybe you would just like to load up your freezer with some fresh yellowfin, bluefin or blackfin tuna. The Gulf Stream waters off North Carolina are bountiful with the beautiful and tasty mahi-mahi (often called dorado, dolphin, or dolphinfish locally). Also during certain periods of each fishing season our coastal waters offer another table favorite when the tackle busting king mackerel shows up off Hatteras and are heavily feeding in both size and numbers while they settle into their natural winter feeding grounds off Hatteras.

It has always been Sea Angel's goal to offer the very best offshore big game fishing charter experience for the best price possible. Even though he offers one of the best offshore fishing bargains in Hatteras, you will be pleasantly pleased when you find that there are never any corners cut with our charters. The fishing tackle and gear on Sea Angel II may well be the best quality and best maintained fishing gear anywhere in North Carolina. As a member of multiple fishing tackle manufacturers' Pro Staffs, the Sea Angler crew believes that providing our customers with the industry's best tackle and bait produces the best charter experience available.

Sea Angel offers a family friendly fishing charter. Having previous deep sea offshore fishing experience is definitely not a requirement in order to come and join a sport fishing adventure charter. Rest assured that vacationing parents can be proud of the professional "family friendly" experience that Sea Angel fishing charters offer. We invite you to bring the family along and enjoy an educationally bonding fishing experience that you and your family will be talking for many years to come.

Sea Angel charter crew displaying another great offshore catch.

For Us It's More Than Just the Fishing!

Even if catching the fish is not your major passion, every trip provides a new and exhilarating educational opportunity. The Atlantic Gulf Stream's deep azure blue crystal clear water reveals amazing things you may never see in any environment anywhere else. You may see a school of bottle nose dolphin running beside the boat or be amazed by the aerial acrobatics of flying fish that are jumping to escape predators on the prowl. Your trip may even include seeing offshore pelagic species of birds like the Albatross or the amazing Stormy Petrel that actually sleeps on the water and never leaves the ocean or ventures unto land. Maybe your trip will even be the one when we see one of the many species of whales or sharks that cruise the Gulf Stream.

Satellite picture of the Atlantic Gulf Stream.

Cape Hatteras is in a unique location sticking out along the US East Coast. The warm waters of Atlantic Gulf Stream come closer to the US here than any other port north of Miami. This also mean that the giant schools of pelagic predator sportfishing species are right here within a short boat ride from our marina.

About the Gulf Stream
Blue marlin in the Atlantic Ocean jumping.

Because we are so close to the north flowing waters of the Atlantic Gulf Stream the variety of fish species available is what has made Cape Hatteras a world famous sport fishing destination. Depending on the season anglers can catch tuna, mahi, wahoo, mako sharks, king and spanish mackerel amoung the huge variety available.

Hatteras Offshore Species
Sea Angel tournament team holding up several release flags.

Legendary Sea Angel has fished tournaments for many years up and down the coast as well as Guatemala and is well recognized for his many past accomplishments. Although he rarely can be talked into chartering for tournaments anymore, it's nice to know that you are fishing with a recognized master angler.

Tournament Record

Our Long-Standing Pledge!

Sea Angel Sport Fishing Charters will do absolutely everything possible to guarantee that you have a memorable and successful fish catching experience. We don't fish closer to the inlet just to save fuel! We won't leave our old fishing line on a reel until it is worn out and can cost our customers lost fish. We pledge to keep our charter rates at the very best price possible. We will spend whatever amount is necessary on our bait, gear and tackle in order to have the best rigged boat in the entire Hatteras fleet. We don't accept unsafe charters due to weather or any other conditions beyond our control. We always want to provide you with directions as well as let you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. We promise that we will do everything possible under our control to make your personal offshore fishing trip our best fishing trip of the season!

Please check out our informational articles for some great helpful tips about "Choosing The Best Hatteras Sport Fishing Charters" and "Preparing For a Hatteras Fishing Charter". We would like to thank you for viewing our website. Please call us anytime or email if you have any questions or comments. We sincerely welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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